Bootcamp / Onboarding

Bootcamp / Onboarding


  • Vision alignment between the community leaders (value proposition, key messages)
  • Setting the expectations to the organization (audience, goals, kpi's, etc.)
  • Building a project portfolio (teams, budgets) and roadmap
  • New members onboarding


Bootcamp is a 2-week program that will help to get to know each other better, understand with who do we need to communicate to (team, participants) and what exactly we will do. It will also help in developing the values of our collaboration, form cross-functional teams, and broaden community understanding within the group.

Participation is open, we need at optimally 5-10 people in the group. Recording would be available, but live participation is recommended. During the calls, we will work in workshops where each participant can make their suggestions and receive feedback.


1. Community Canvas Workshop
2. Future Backwards Workshop
3. Lean Canvas Workshop
4. Value Proposition Workshop


  • Native Money – blockchain/DeFi Project (en)
  • Buidl Labs – incubation program for blockchain products (en)
  • Robonomics – crypto+robo engineers academy (en)
  • FinRotary – crowdfunding for educational ecosystem (ua)

👍 Benefits

  • Working in workshops is fun and the time flew by. The participants enjoyed the facilitator's support during the process, which was like a game.
  • Meeting interesting people. Was mentioned in every meeting, especially when new people came. New connections opened up new perspectives, and the group liked it.
  • Gaining support. Conversations led to productive relationships with investors and partners for several other participants.

✅ Learnings

  • Approaches: design thinking, complexity management, collective intelligence
  • Skills: Value Proposition, NPS Measuring, Community & Team Planning, Product Planning, Strategy (Future Backwards) & Ecosystem
  • Instruments: Mural, Notion, Parabol, Airtable


  • 4 workshop ~1 hour each
  • Organization ~10 hours in 2 weeks
  • Open price