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VA2030 Foresight

Research held for the novel Virtual Assets (VA) industry in Ukraine. A virtual asset is a digital representation of value that can be digitally traded or transferred, and can be used for payment or investment purposes. The term got most usage in the connection to the recent regulation efforts made by countries in answer to the rapidly growing crypto market. Ukraine is looking to take the place in the global ecosystem and was looking to build a vision and consolidate resources.

In 2021 Ministry of Ministry of Digital transformation of Ukraine launched a 6 month project where we brought together decision makers across 10+ government departments, coordinate across different levels of government (national, subnational, local), leverage digital capability and infrastructure, and nurture trust and engagement of the citizens. It led to a creation of 15+ working groups inside the community in connection to the shared vision. Program included projects in education, infrastructure, legislation etc.

dgov foundation – DAO Research

With a team of enthusiasts and experts we created an international community around the ideas of distributed governance. Dgov foundation connects people to discover practices, implement technical solutions and create complex, scalable governance systems that create cohesion and allow people to flourish. We took a trending concept of DAOs in crypto (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and collected a wiki that is used by practitioners and scholars who are tackling this hot topic now

Part of the research was also coming through the meetups and conference we held like this

Support Ukraine Now

Since the start of full-scale war in Ukraine Global Shapers (part of World Economic Forum) went with initiative to ease up the process of foreign help to Ukraine. We crowdsourced and checked links, organised the structure, managed the team to translate it to ~40 languages with a team of ~100 volunteers. This website got over 1M views and got recognition from WEF and Y Combinator.

Additional work is being held in the direction of future of work & addressing migration situation – report to be published soon. We’ve previously participated as a partner (Impact ua) in the initial UNDP Ukraine research and continue this project for 3 years, though most materials are in ukranian)