Bootcamp for a New Startup Team (Native)

Bootcamp for a New Startup Team (Native)


Today consumers do not get the full monetary and social benefits of making a purchase. The scope of the transaction for the customer is limited to buying a product and maybe receiving some rewards points.

  • The rewards points are not exchangable in most cases and often are left to expire
  • The data of the purchase is taken by large corporations and sold to data brokers, leaving the consumer who created the data without the value they created
  • There is no central place to manage all transaction data and rewards points
  • There is no way to accept bids from companies seeking the data
  • There is no way for companies to airdrop points to users who are members of other programs

Users will connect their purchase history and we can pull the info where they are spending. This becomes the reputation. When you have a bunch of users it allows consumers union / cooperatives. Like everybody who spent more than $100 at amazon community, or furniture. When you look at organizations today i don't have enough power as an individual. When there's 10k people in the community that can enforce. We can build DAOs to balance up the power.

Companies can also market to the groups or individuals. Like users of coffee shop will allow to send them $10/mo. to get their emails.

Then your wallet is the repository of transaction history but also rewards points like airdrops.



  • Build a bank of data for analysis
    • Build the foundation of the identity system that facilitates that types of transactions
      • Define minimum viable identity
    • Show what's necessary at the right times
  • The interface for users to get paid when companies want to contact them
  • Simple way to organize the data in the way that is easy to use


  • Describe the community / product
  • Define the MVP
  • Define success metrics


1. Customers & Pitches

Speaking, Event planning, Communication planning, Curation, Editing, Narrative Development, Multimedia Production, Graphics & Design, Writing, SEO, Taxonomy or taging mgmt, Brand, Storytelling


2. Team & Leadership

Listening & analyzing, Response and escalation, Moderation & conflict facilitation, Promoting productive behaviours, Empathy & support, Facilitating connections, New member recruitment, New member welcoming, Member Advocacy, Behaviour change & gamification


3. Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Roadmap Development, Policy & guideline development, Needs & competitive analysis Measurement, benchmarking & reporting, Trendspotting & synthesizing, Consulting, Executive coaching, Evaluating engagement techniques


4. Product & Tech

System configuration, Data collection & analysis, Tool evaluation & recommendation, Technical Support, Member database management, Platform architecture & integration, Software & application programming, UX & Design Algorithm, design & data manipulation


5. Ecosystem / MVP

Community management, Business model development, Budget & financial management, Selling, Influencing & evangelizing, Advocacy & promotion, Training development & delivery, Vendor management, Governance management